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"Before meeting Christina my view of yoga had been established through classes done over the years and I had never been taught how to approach yoga correctly. It’s typically not until we injure ourselves through sport that we wake up to the reality that some repetitive activities are just not good for our body unless there is balance. 1 on 1 classes teach you how to understand your body, yoga and how to subtly unwind all the bad habits of the past. If you have ever had an amazing massage, 1 on 1s mix that feeling into doing a workout and having a long lasting restorative sense in your body and mind. I have had some very deep and transcendental experiences through breathing/stretches that have completely released parts of my body that have had long-standing embedded muscular and emotional tension. I no longer have regular deep tissue massages. I have a completely different lens with regards to yoga and use it now as an exercise, meditation and restoration for my body. She has taught me how to do this safely which is very important for someone like me who has a yang mindset and is competitive by nature. I have now channeled this new mindset into surfing and my other sports activities. Whether you are already experienced, have no experience or are with or without injury, 1 on 1s with Christina are definitely worth the investment. If you are as lucky as me, one would say “life changing.”

"Doing 1 on 1s, I have gained a much richer understanding of both the asanas and my body. We work specifically on the areas where I’m weaker and tighter so I have benefited and progressed more in the last few months than ever before. Christina knows exactly when I have the right alignment or not! When she adjusts me and the body aligns, everything about the deeper aspects of the asanas makes sense. I’m now taking that knowledge into class & I’m working with much greater confidence & joy because I know how to adjust an asana and activate it internally. "


"I started 1-on-1s with Christina about a year ago, suffering from deep depression. She put in a massive amount of work to help me feel safe and supported, and explained yoga to me in a way that I had never understood before. Now I participate in her public classes, and yoga has become a regular part of my life. After class I always feel better and look forward to the next class."


For depth of practice, convenience and ensuing calm I relish my yoga sessions with Christina.  I have been doing weekly 1 on 1 practices since 2011 to augment whatever group classes I could also fit in. These sessions, usually conducted in her lovely studio, that looks through local red gums to the Bilgola headland, have become a critical tool in managing my overall well-being.  Christina's ability to decipher what yoga practice would best suit my state of mind when I take to the mat means I leave it feeling energized and centred, without fail. Her responsiveness and depth-of-knowledge allows you to explore the poses and find new ways of working with your body and breathing to find them.  That fosters an awareness which I find carries over into other exercise I do with great benefits.  Knowing how your body moves and responds means you can translate instructions given at the gym or in a swimming squad into actions your body understands and can accommodate. The synergy between Christina's sessions and my other activities means I have never felt  stronger, physically and mentally. 


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