How do your online yoga classes work?

The classes are run through Zoom, free to set up, easy to use. You will be able to see me demonstrate with clear voice instructions, filling your screen throughout the class.  Participants are muted during practice so you won’t be disturbed, and everyone has the opportunity to ask questions after.

What is a live online yoga class with you like?

It is a led practice influenced by those attending.  I focus on offering personalised direction, guided meditations, relevant asana sequencing and helpful variations.

You get to decompress your spine, strengthen weaker areas, release tight shoulders and hips, relax your eyes, be guided into breath, declutter the brain, shift your mood, tend to the heart & start the day with more energy and a heightened sense of wellbeing.


In what way is a Live class different to a video or streamed class?

Firstly, there is a relationship in which there is care, commitment and communication. I'm not speaking to a vacuum, I'm speaking to you. I know who is doing the practice and I make the practice as relevant to you, your body, lifestyle, constitution as possible. You can let me know before the class if you have an injury or particularly tight area and I can weave helpful postures for you into the class. I create sequences according to the group that is practising, keeping the classes personal, relevant, helpful and build on them from week to week. You can also book a free 15min 1-1 at any time. Some of the benefits of connection, trust and relationship.

Can other people I live with join me?

Any number of people in your family can join you for part or all of any practice- one of the benefits of being at home.


How do I manage to do yoga in my busy day?

Get it in early. Start the day with yoga. Use the time it used to take you to get the kids ready for school or to go to and from work to exercise.  If possible, set up your yoga space so you can see the sunrise.  Set your intention the night before. Set your alarm. Getting up and practising in the morning, sets you up brilliantly for the day ahead, gets your body moving and helps you feel centred and energised.  Otherwise you might realise a little too late that you didn't exercise and spent a few too many hours sitting in front of a screen.


I’m interested in the exercise aspect.  What’s recommended and how much does that cost?
3 times a week. $30. That is why the classes are structured in the way they are!  Choose a combination of classes that fit in with your week, create a rhythm.


How can I make sure I am doing it right?  What if I don’t understand something?

You can watch and follow. You can have a notebook by your side and jot down any questions you have.  You can leave out any pose or movement that doesn't feel right for you. You can ‘stay behind’ at the end of the practice & we can chat. I have allocated 15mins after each class to connect & take questions etc.  You can send me a message and we can talk or use Skype or Zoom later to have a mini personal session, no cost.


Always listen to your own body, the main tenets of any mindfulness practice, meditative or more physical are: awareness, noticing with curiosity and kindness rather than judgment or projection, listening and taking right action, which could be different action or non-action.


What do I do if I don't have a relationship with you already but am interested in joining these classes?

You book a one off 1 hour 1-1 over Zoom ($50 as opposed to $90 in the 'old world.') We can then establish the foundations of practice and movement principles that are a helpful background for the classes as well as discuss your specific requirements, ranging from injuries to sensitivities to what you personally want to focus on and get out of your practice. We therefore begin to build that relationship and you then have access to specific guidance and an online teacher free of charge.

When do I start?

It’s a good idea to build that rhythm now that we are still settling into this new reality & have these stunning Autumn days to help us establish good habits before Winter sets in.  Otherwise it'll become easier and easier to say 'I'll do it tomorrow", "I'll have a lie-in", "I'm too stiff" "It's too cold."  It's not just school children who need new time management skills.  We do too and we can role model them. That's one of the reasons these classes are live morning classes, not videos. 

How do I pay?

When you send a class request, I send you back booking details. Check out the timetable page for pricing & packages. 


Do I need to make a long-term commitment?
No. You can do a casual class whenever you want. Simply send me a request up to half an hour before & receive the class Zoom

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