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Private sessions are specifically tailored to your body and needs. They address the questions you have about yoga, and how best to adapt the postures to your body without creating undue strain or stress. Whether you want to focus on establishing a solid foundation for your practice or have had years of experience and picked up some unhelpful habits along the way, one-2-one tuition focuses on your particular concerns and interests, whether you are a beginner, long term practitioner or teacher. The sessions also address specific ailments and weaknesses whilst guiding you to develop a deeper understanding of your practice, posture and alignment. They are a safe, warm and rich environment in which to explore self and yoga.


"I came to Christina post-menopause, with chronic insomnia and a slew of gym injuries. After 2 private sessions, my insomnia has all but disappeared, my shoulders have undone themselves and I've given away my gym membership, which only 6 weeks ago had been my lifeline, to focus on a daily yoga practice. I've also discovered that, for more than a decade, I've been doing the yoga asanas 'wrong' - out of balance and using the wrong muscles, putting strain on my neck and shoulders. Now yoga has stopped hurting and started delivering the peace and strength it should. I feel like I'm on a journey back to health with a master navigator."


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