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Yin Yoga: A perfect class each week to calibrate and balance.  Releasing mental and physical stress, and returning to a space that is grounded, stable, and open!

I started yoga looking for relief from work stress, suffering from insomnia and menopause issues. Last night I had a big creak in my neck and was nervous coming to class. After the class, I felt huge relief and was able to get a night’s sleep and be up and out this morning. Thank you for your amazing yoga teachings and your beautiful voice. I look forward to yin yoga every Monday night knowing I am taking care of my body, mind and spirit.

Helen D

"Christina has created a safe space to release and let go of all that weighs you down or holds you back in your life~ it is incredible how Yin, taught in this way, allows all this to unfold and untangle with grace and ease. Her calming, informative and ever-supportive voice encourages you to relax and let go layer by layer both physically and mentally, and come into alignment with your true self. Each time I am present, the benefits carry over into every area of my life, illuminating what is necessary and eliminating what is not. So simple, yet many of us don’t find the time ourselves to do this. It has changed my life and I am so grateful for Christina’s gentle but challenging guidance and wisdom."  

Georgia Mansur



“I have been a student of Christina’s for 2.5 years now. I walked into her first class overweight, not moving well, with  chronic hip, neck, knee  and lower back problems. Over the last couple of years my flexibility, understanding of my body and sense of ease has dramatically improved. As has my health. I have dropped 12 kgs, am surfing , running and exercising frequently now with very little pain.

The yin classes and her 1 on 1s have been an amazing outlet to drop in, release stress and deeply relax. These have been profound on many levels. Highly recommend Christina she is an amazing yoga teacher and a genuinely caring, intuitive, open hearted person who deeply cares about the people she works with."
James 41 from the Northern Beaches


"Morning yoga with Christina has become a lockdown ritual. It has enabled me to feel grounded during this very unstable time. Yoga via Zoom has provided a personal connection that yoga apps cannot achieve as I have been able to make contact with Christina in real time.  Christina being on the mat gets me up in the morning."

Carolyn M


"It's been a tonic and blessing to have Christina's online yoga classes through this lockdown. Though of course a studio class is what we crave... the convenience, routine and real time experience of these online classes is so beneficial and helps so much. Much appreciation."

Clare H

"Christina's online classes have been my saving grace during lockdown. Having a regular time gives me a sense of purpose and structure. My shoulders become sore and tight sitting in front of a computer all day and I am now able to release them by doing a class every day from the privacy of my own lounge room. These classes have definitely been my silver lining of lockdown."

Simone P


"Christina's live online classes help keep me connected to my local yoga community and practicing yoga. Even when we can't be together in a studio, I still have that sense of belonging and support. I am very grateful for them."

Stacy D


"I couldn’t think of anything better than having access to Christina’s teaching and kindness in my own home space. If anything this situation has made it easier to access yoga. I love that the practices are so focused on reversing the damage that sitting and working does to our bodies. “

Lorraine G


It was like being in a real ‘Christina class’….. Loved it! 

James Baker


Love these mornings. So good! All the areas I need to focus on”

Grace Atkinson


"Thank you for being my isolated inspiration. Each morning is a gift. What a stunning way to start the day… you are a master at what you do Christina… so skilful at your presentation and explanation. I love your light, fun personality. I look forward to it every night for the next day. Good for you for Yogazooming like a pro”

Alex Lightfoot


I’m really enjoying the practice. This morning’s practice esp suited me as I woke up with a tight area below my right shoulder, common area of tightness for me. I was able to focus on it during the meditation and practice and now it feels so much better. Thanks for inviting me to join your classes.”

Wendy G


Long-Standing Students


“Yoga is a huge part of my sanity. Christina’s class is a real focal point of my week and provides nourishment, physically and mentally. It inspires me to try to find more time for things that are good for me.  I love the way she teaches so thoroughly and devotedly and so clearly. I feel guided in such a perfect manner; enough to tame the wandering mind, inspire the loosening muscles and stretch bones, form and mind. The traditional wording, which once baffled me, is now beautiful and perfect. The sequence of asanas flows and follows as easy as a day. The dialogue and readings carry me along like a trickling stream.  Wonderful… thank you.”

Clare H

“The fact that teaching yoga is a calling for Christina rather than a profession shines through in all her classes.  Christina combines years of experience with a deep passion for yoga. Her natural flair for teaching has inspired and nurtured an ever expanding band of dedicated followers across a wide range of experience and abilities.”



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